Fury timed Chisora. Mustache next?


Tottenham Hottspur Stadium, London, UK. In the main event of the show, local WBC heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) beat compatriot Derek Chisora ​​(33-13, 23 KOs) for the third time.

The applicant has a fighting spirit. Chisora ​​rushes forward! Derek’s sweeping attacks drowned in the champion’s clinch. And then Fury began to work ahead of the curve: there were uppercuts, crosses and even an overhand.

At the start of the 2nd three-minute period, Chisora ​​hit an overhand, but two left hooks in a row flew in response – unaccented, but unpleasant, since Fury caught the challenger in an unbalanced state. The champion shook the opponent with an uppercut, was close to an early victory, but decided to play with the veteran a little more.

The number of punches missed by Chisora ​​increased. Uppercuts were especially disturbing to him. Response actions (sweeping overhands) became less and less.

Wow! In the 4th three-minute period, Chisora ​​again brought his fist to the goal. No problem for the champion. The challenger was active in the round, stayed away from the ropes and looked much more efficient. But can he continue to maintain such a density of combat?

Fury did a great job in the 5th round. Moved, combined, shifted. Tried to work left-handed. All the same, he exhausted his opponent in clinches. Chisora ​​also tried changing stances, but not for long. The first half of the fight is the unconditional dominance of the champion. But the applicant is not going to capitulate.

It is possible that Chisora ​​should have been removed from the fight. He misses a lot, and the chances of conveying something weighty are less and less. The applicant’s entire face is covered in cuts and bruises. After the 9th three-minute period, Chisora ​​barely hobbled to his corner. The referee warned that he would remove the applicant if the fight continued to be the same one-sided.

Derek went on the attack. Here is the man! But the third in the ring was determined to stop the fight. With 10 seconds left in the 10th round, the referee decided that Chisora ​​had had enough. He is right…

Fury TKO 10.

Looking forward to the fight Oleksandr Usyk for all heavyweight belts!

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160744-fyuri-udosrochil-chisoru-usik-sleduyushchiy-.htm?rand=141343