Tom Aspinall called the fight with Curtis Blades a deliberate loss

UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall explained why he believes his upcoming rematch with Curtis Blades is a must-win for him.

“Obviously I have unfinished business with Curtis,” the Brit told The Mac Life. “I said it two years ago, before our first fight, that stylistically, he’s the toughest opponent for me in the division. It’s in no way disrespectful to Curtis, but it’s a must-loss fight for me because Curtis isn’t very popular. He’s far from the most popular fighter in the division, and yet he’s the most difficult for me to beat

“We always prefer to fight guys whose style matches ours and who are popular with the fans. You always want to fight guys like that, but Curtis is the exact opposite of that. I’m not saying anything bad about him, but he’s not the most popular guy, and yet he’s a really really good fighter. Nevertheless, it doesn’t really matter now – I’ll be ready to fight him one hundred percent”

In July 2022, Tom Aspinall suffered his only defeat under the UFC banner, suffering a severe knee injury as early as 15 seconds into his bout with Curtis Blais.

Recall that the title fight of heavyweights will be the second most important event of the tournament UFC 304, which will be held on July 27 in Manchester.