UFC fighter challenges Joe Rogan over flat earth criticism

UFC fighter challenges Joe Rogan over flat earth criticism

Undefeated American fighter Bryce Mitchell has challenged UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who repeatedly ridiculed flat-earthers on his podcast.

“I’m here to call out Joe Rogan, who has been talking f*** about me and my mom for a very long time,” Mitchell said in a video posted to social media. “Mom and I will justify to you right now that the Earth is flat. It doesn’t move at 6,000 miles an hour, it doesn’t spin at 1,000 miles an hour, and it doesn’t move all the time in the universe. The Earth is flat, motionless, and all the stars and the Sun revolve around us. Gravity doesn’t exist, and we didn’t go to the moon. I can prove it!”

However, Mitchell made it clear that he was not going to fight Rogan, but wanted to beat him in a public debate.

“I would like to argue with you, Joe Rogan, because I am tired of your ridicule of flat earthers. If you’re so sure, then come and debate with me, buddy, because I’m sick of what you say and post. I’m sick of hearing your bullshit about flat earthers being stupid. Boy, I will destroy you in the discussion. You can’t beat me in a debate because you don’t have any evidence.”

Recall that in the next match Bryce Mitchell was supposed to meet with Movsar Evloev, however, the Russian was injured and dropped out of the fight. According to available information, the replacement will be Georgian fighter Ilia Topuria, who will headline the UFC Fight Night 214 tournament in Las Vegas on November 5 with Mitchell.