Dana White has confirmed Conor McGregor’s comeback

The head of the world’s strongest league, Dana White, has indirectly confirmed Conor McGregor’s statement that he has agreed with the UFC on his return to the octagon.

“We have no lack of communication,” White said on another edition of the Pound-4-Pound podcast. “You know what Conor’s doing tonight? He’s in New York for the premiere of the movie Roadhouse. He has commitments to promote this movie, so he’s been flying all over the world attending all the premieres of this movie. Those are commitments he had to fulfill.”

“I’m watching him, one hundred percent – we’re in touch. He’s committed to this movie and to his commitment. Like I said, they have the premiere tonight in New York. After that, Conor can get back in the gym, resume full training and start camp. Conor needed this break to take care of business and I’m glad we can resume our partnership”

Two days earlier, the Irish fighter announced that his fight with Michael Chandler would take place in the summer, and also expressed interest in bouts with Dustin Puryear and Nate Diaz.

Conor McGregor hasn’t stepped into the octagon since July 2021, when he suffered a severe leg fracture in the final match of his trilogy against Dustin Puryear.