Arman Tsarukyan named the round in which he will knockout Charles Oliveira

Top Russian UFC lightweight Arman Tsarukyan, who will share the octagon with Charles Oliveira in three weeks, doesn’t think his fight with the former division champion will last more than five minutes.

“I’m going to knockout Oliveira in the first round because Islam finished him in the second round and I want to show everybody that I’m on another level,” Tsarukian said at a fan meeting. “So, I want to knock him out in the first round and show the whole world, especially those who are rooting against me, that I’m the best in the division. And yes, I will finish Islaam too.”

The fight between Arman Tsarukian and Charles Oliveira will be part of the UFC 300 anniversary event, which takes place April 13 in Las Vegas.

According to the head of the world’s strongest league, Dan White, the fight will have challenger status, and its winner will challenge the current UFC lightweight champion, who is currently Russian Islam Makhachev.

However, Makhachev’s next opponent could be American Dustin Puryear, ranked third in the division’s rankings.