Belal Muhammad doesn’t believe the UFC’s story about Leon Edwards

The UFC’s No. 2 ranked welterweight, Belal Muhammad, doesn’t believe that the division’s current champion, Leon Edwards, was actually offered a fight at UFC 300 against Shavkat Rakhmonov and Khamzat Chimaev.

“Honestly, I don’t buy the ‘we offered him three fights,'” the American fighter told SiriusXM. “I know they offered Islam, and I know Islam turned it down. But I don’t believe they offered that fight to Shawkat because Shawkat is injured, and I don’t believe they offered it to Hamzat because he won’t make weight.”

“I think this was said to create hype around Leon. Leon doesn’t do social media, doesn’t do interviews, doesn’t promote himself. Dana White is a promoter, and he has to promote this guy himself, like, ‘He’s a real killer! He’s agreed to every fight!’ But if they really wanted to see him at UFC 300, they know they could call me and I’d say yes”

“All this tells me is that they didn’t really want to see him at UFC 300, or that it’s hard to do business with Leon. In my opinion, all of this was just to spin Leon and make it seem like he’s more interesting than he really is.”

Earlier, the head of the world’s strongest league, Dana White, reported that Edwards was offered a title defense against Makhachev, Rakhmonov and Chimaev as part of the anniversary event, and the Briton agreed to fight all three times.

Recall that the UFC 300 tournament will take place on April 13 in Las Vegas, and its main event will be a flyweight title fight between Alex Pereira and Jamal Hill.