Tom Aspinall: “Gan fought well but made a few small mistakes. He will definitely be back.”

UFC heavyweight fighter Tom Aspinall shared his opinion on the fight between Francis Ngannou and Cyril Gan.

“I didn’t watch this fight at night, I didn’t set the alarm,” Aspinall told Sky Sports. – Firstly, I’m such that if it’s night in the yard, I won’t even sit for 5 minutes – I’m immediately knocked out. Secondly, I have small children, I cannot make noise. Looked calmly in the morning. Ngannou had an impressive fight, used his intellect very well, distributed his energy wisely. Great game plan and team work. This fight shows that anything is possible in MMA. Now I myself will fight with Volkov, a high striker, and after such a fight, Ngannou understands that I have to be ready for anything. I was very impressed with Francis.

Gan fought well, but made a few minor tactical mistakes. For example, when I went to twist the heel. When you are tired and on top of such a heavy opponent like Francis, there is little chance that you will be able to twist your leg. And they were both already tired, whoever was on top during that grappling exchange would have won the fight. Gun was good, he’s still young, if he wants he’ll be here for another eight years. He will definitely be back.

Dana White didn’t come out to put the belt on Ngannou? Francis is a person who is watched by the whole of Africa, the whole continent. He has the right to put forward any demands for money. Will his fight with Fury or Joshua be competitive? No I do not think so. I have sparred with Tyson Fury many times – these guys can fight 12 rounds as much as they want. They have a different level of energy control, a different movement. Boxers in MMA can fit in, but MMA fighters don’t. Too many subtleties».

Ngannou defeated Gan via unanimous decision at UFC 270 in Anaheim to make his first successful title defense.