Josh Thomson: “If Coach Gan kept his mouth shut, it would help his fighter stronger”
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Tom Aspinall: “Gan fought well but made a few small mistakes. He will definitely be back.”
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Francis Ngannou: “Cyril is a good guy. He was just used in the promotion of the fight “
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Francis Ngannou: ‘I don’t know why Dana White didn’t come out to put a belt on me’
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Cyril Gan: “Ngannou surprised only by strength. I want revenge”
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Jon Jones reacts to Ngannou’s victory over Gan: “I would fuck both”
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Jon Jones: “If this is the maximum heavyweight, I’m excited. I’m waiting for new records”
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Cyril Gan: “I’ve let down a lot of people, but I’m just getting started in this sport”
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