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The first World MMA Championship finalists – WMMAA

Published on 23 October 2013

It was hot on October 19 in the Platonov’s Academy in Saint Petersburg. Three rings simultaneously held stage for the hundreds of fighters from 35 countries who tried to cement their place in the history by making it into the finals planned on the next day. Lots of favorites fell, many new stars were born.

Weight category: -65,8 kg

Final fight:

Roman Stakhuv (Spain) – Said Nurmagomedov (Russia)

Bronze medals:

Archil Taziashvili (Georgia) and Taras Gutsul (Ukraine)

Weight category: -70,3 kg

Final fight:

Ekhtigat Adakishiev (Azerbaijan) – Oleg Khachaturov (Ukraine)

Bronze medals:

Murad Mirzabekov (Russia) and Bukalet Dinu (Romania)

Weight category: -77 kg

Final fight:

Shavkad Rakhmanov (Kazakhstan) – Akhliddin Mirzadovlatov (Uzbekistan)

Bronze medals:

Kamal Magomedov (Russia) and Panfilii Grigore (Moldova)

Weight category: -84 kg

Final fight:

Nodar Kudukhashvili (Georgia) – Shamil Abdulaev (Russia)

Bronze medals:

Daniyar Babakulov (Kyrgyzstan) and Khasan Mirzamatov (Uzbekistan)

Weight category -93 kg

Final fight:

Luic Pillon (Monaco) – Rashid Yusupov (Russia)

Bronze medals:

Massimiliano Samarco (Italy) and Viktor Bargan (Moldova)

Weight category: +93 kg

Final fight:

Zaur Gadzhibabaev (Azerbaijan) – Znaur Khetagurov (Russia)

Bronze medals:

Antonio Morreno (Spain) and Islamdjon Azimov (Uzbekistan)

Hence the finals planned in the undercard of M-1 Challenge 42 are as follows:


World MMA Championship finals

(-65,8 kg) Roman Stakhuv (Spain) vs. Said Nurmagomedov (Russia)

(-70,3 kg) Ekhtigat Adakishiev (Azerbaijan) vs. Oleg Khachaturov (Ukraine)

(-77 kg) Shavkad Rakhmanov (Kazakhstan) vs. Akhliddin Mirzadovlatov (Uzbekistan)

(-84 kg) Nodar Kudukhashvili (Georgia) vs. Shamil Abdulaev (Russia)

(-93 kg) Luic Pillon (Monaco) vs. Rashid Yusupov (Russia)

(+93 kg) Zaur Gadzhibabaev (Azerbaijan) vs. Znaur Khetagurov (Russia)