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Published on June 22 2015

A new team has been born to lead! Not just leading the Confederation of Brazilian MMA, but representing all amateur and professional athletes in Brazil. Caue Coffone, Bruno Omori & Tomas Yu discuss how to embrace change and the dynamics of strong partnerships that result in events like EXPO MMA! 

Partnerships like Caue Coffone, Bruno Omori & Tomas Yu are vital indicators, clearly showing the new direction of MMA worldwide. “Nothing is as inevitable in the MMA industry as change. Those who choose to be visionaries and embrace progressive change will do extremely well. Those who fail to see the need to adapt constantly are already being left behind.” said Tomas Yu.

The MMA Industry is constantly evolving. This is evidenced by many years of troublesome debate over the misrepresentation of the sport by branding it “cage fighting” (which excludes what Mixed Martial Arts means at its roots). A top example of these changing trends would be technological: for instance the transition from paper ticketing and in-person experience events, to electronic ticketing, to live Digital Distribution of events. Thus, as in any business, we need to be aware of the internal and external environments that constantly push and pull at the dynamics of how we manage MMA worldwide.

Technology, however, is changing all industries –so often and so fast that it is hard for even some key players to keep up.

As traditional business practices turn over more and more, those failing to embrace change and educate themselves will be left deficient” said Caue Coffone.

There are players in the MMA industry that are unwilling to get up to speed-who want to think as little as possible about becoming a real player. They just want to say they are in the business, so there is the ever-present value aspect of what we do that keeps us around. This is where we find our most needed markets right now. “This VALUE approach aspect extends to all businesses, it’s always about Real VALUE Proposition” says Bruno Omori.

As CBMMA acquired new leadership, it became apparent that the organization needed to institute simple business practices. The team felt the need to change and saw the urgency to restructure CBMMA into a full power house. Coffone, Omori &Yu proved to be spot on, as most MMA “sanctioning bodies” have failed due to lack of proper business structure, inadequate cash-flow, and not having a real value proposition.

Caue Coffone, Bruno Omori & Tomas Yu started EXPO MMA as an idea back in September 2014 over dinner at Terra da Garoa in Sao Paulo Brazil.

EXPO MMA is a global event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation. It is organized by CBMMA & WMMAA Pan-American Division and invites all countries, governments, companies, international organizations, the private sector, the civil society and the general public to participate. 

EXPO MMA operations now include 4 full-time staff members in our home office and 12 independent contractors, located across the WMMAA Pan-American Division, serving as outside sales agents, consultants, and accounting personnel to serve our domestic and international functional EXPO needs. Through months and over many international trips, the team has managed to develop key relationships with some of government, sport and tourism industry’s most powerful executives as well as the WMMAA network throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These relationships have spawned the international promotion and distributorship that EXPO MMA 2015 will bring in December. It has allowed WMMAA Pan-American Division to place CBMMA and Brazil as the primary name for MMA in our focused markets. 

Relationships, JV partnerships, and strategic alliances are how we accomplish our results. It is extremely important that there be a level of trust between each party that the other is doing everything possible to make the partnership succeed. We use trusted contacts within each international market we operate in, and our partners’ contacts use the existing distribution networks within their countries to market and promote EXPO MMA.

Tomas Yu at the CABMMA congress in Brazil


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