Magomed Ismailov defeated Alexander Shlemenko

Magomed Ismailov defeated Alexander Shlemenko

Russian middleweight Magomed Ismailov successfully returned to mixed martial arts after more than a year’s break with a dominant victory over his compatriot Alexander Shlemenko at the RCC 13 tournament in Yekaterinburg.

The fight, which became the main event of the event, went the whole distance in five rounds and ended with the victory of the Bald Predator, who won the fight on the cards of all judges with a score of 50-44.

Having made a not very successful attempt to fight Shlemenko in the first round, Ismailov switched to plan “B” and spent the rest of the fight in a stance, where he owned the initiative, actively moved, threw more punches, and at the same time correctly distributed his forces for all twenty-five minutes match.

Shlemenko, on the contrary, looked slow, moved little, and took the opponent’s blows, going into a deaf defense, which often let him down, and Storm’s signature blows with rotation for the most part cut through the air.

Despite the low activity, by the fourth round Shlemenko looked exhausted, and in the fifth round the referee Vyacheslav Kiselev deducted one point from him for the systematic loss of a cap and a blow after the stop signal. A penalty point motivated Shlemenko to the final spurt, but the remaining minute was not enough to snatch victory in the duel.

Nevertheless, after the final siren, Alexander Shlemenko, whose face was swollen from serious bruising and cuts, threw up his hands in victory and refused to hug Magomed Ismailov, who was clearly at a loss because of the behavior of his opponent.

“This fight took place exactly as a dream fight, and exactly as I imagined it,” Ismailov, who won the exclusive RCC league belt, said after the verdict was announced. “Who doesn’t breathe for two rounds!? Brothers, who is there bazaar!? Here are five rounds over! What, dance for a Lezghin!?”

In turn, Shlemenko made it clear that he was counting on a rematch with Ismailov, since he did not agree with the decision of the judges.

“Of course I would like a rematch,” said the former Bellator champion. “I think I deserved it, because it seemed to me that at least we fought on equal terms”

A minute later, “Storm” once again approached the microphone and apologized to his fans.

“Dear friends, I want to ask for forgiveness – so far I have done everything I could. I will still train to fight. A little was not enough. Thanks to everyone who came to support”

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