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Great success of CAGE WARRIOR 7 – RESULTS

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Great public response and spectacular matches at the “Cage Warrior VII” event organized in Manduria (TA) by Guido Morgante last Saturday; The evening that was well played and largely dedicated to the MMAs, as a tradition of events organized by Morgante with the constant presence of DTN Davide Ferretti, lived in the 3 finals of the finals of great adrenaline moments, consecrating the performance of Francesco Controversa author of a deadly Submitting to Jetmir Emruli after about 1 minute, while in the other MMA level meeting valid for Road Racing Bellator’s 70 kg big balance between Umberto Rota and Simone La Preziosa, with this last winner at the end with unanimous judgment.

Closes the show Florenzo Pesare playing the prestigious Italian PRO FCR of 70 kg against Libero Scarcello; The two fighters give rise to a very hard match with good combinations of punches, kicks and knees, but in the end the Unanimous Award rewards Weigh, which we see in the photo celebrate with his coach and promoter Giulio Morgante.


FCR -67 kg Biagio Simone   Just Fit Team Ciccarese vs   Mirko Fasano  Sports Academy Bari fight code rules 3 × 2 wins Fasano at unanimous points

MMA – 66 kg Simone Fiore  team Davide Ferretti vs   Lorusso Daniele  Academy Sports Bari mma 3 × 5 wins Lorusso submission

MMA -77 kg Francesco Controversa  team Davide Ferretti vs  Jetmir Emruli  Kombat Sport Italy mma 3 × 5 wins controversial submission 

Selection Road to Bellator 70 kg Simone La Preziosa  team Davide Ferretti vs   Umberto Rota  Kombat Sport Italia mma 3 × 5 wins La Preziosa at unanimous points

Title Italian PRO FCR 70 kg and Sel. Oktagon Florenzo Weigh   Team Davide Ferretti vs  Free Scarcello  Sport Ring Catanzaro fight code rules 5 × 3 wins Weighing at unanimous points