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Published on 25 March 2013

medalsThe Ukrainian MMA championship was held in Kiev. This event was organized by the League of MMA of Ukraine and the Ukrainian MMA Federation. More than 145 athletes from 17 regions of the country competed in all 6 weight categories. All results you may see below:

60 kg 1st place: Aleksej Logvinenko (Kiev), 2nd place: Anar Zeynalov (Donetsk region), 3rd place: Aleksej Pyatosin (Kiev)

3rd place: Ivan Riabchikov (Donetsk region),

under 65.8 kg 1st place: Ruslan Abiltarov (Donetsk region). 2nd place: Alexander Yavtushenko (Kiev) 3rd place: Yuri Jura (Khmelnitsky region).

3rd place: Stanislav Dmitriev (Kiev),

3under 70.3 kg 1st place: Oleg Khachaturov (Donetsk region). 2nd place: Nikolaj Nawrocki (Khmelnitsky region). 3rd place: Roman Slobodyan (Kiev)

3rd place: Taras Gutsul (Khmelnitsky region).

under 77.1 kg 1st place: Sergey Pavljuk (Chernihiv region). 2nd place: Vitalij Dobrovolsky (Khmelnitsky region). 3rd place: Andrew Mavrodiev (Mykolaiv region).

3rd place: Vladislav Zarovny (Kiev),

under 84 kg 1st place: Ruslan Busel (Kiev region). 2nd Place: Andrew Torchevsky (Khmelnitsky region). 3rd place: Yaroslav Franchuk (Dnipropetrovsk region).

3rd place: Bogdan Kotlovanov (Dnipropetrovsk region).

under 93 kg 1st place: Stanislav Kutin (Mykolaiv region). 2nd place: Nikolay Bruises (Mykolaiv region) 3rd place: Maxim Khachikyan (Kiev)

3rd place: Eugene Kuzmenko (Kiev),

over 93 kg 1st place: Vasil Dusyak (Khmelnitsky region). 2nd Place: Mikhail Bagel l (Kiev region). 3rd place: Vitalij Bifshok (Kiev),

3rd place: Anton Ermakevich (Dnipropetrovsk region).