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Ukraine is part of World MMA development – WMMAA

Published on 18 October 2013


Mixed Martial Arts become ever more popular. Proof to the thesis is an always growing number of new MMA-related gyms being opened in the membering countries of World MMA Association.
Latest example was a Grand Opening ceremony that took place in the capital city of Ukraine. Ukrainian MMA Federation opened a brand new gym that will become the Central MMA Gym under the UMMAF umbrella. This huge milestone was achieved with help of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine together with the special Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament aimed at sports, tourism, youth and family.

Now children from 7 years old can start practicing Mixed Martial Arts udner the guidance of highly qualified and diligent trainers. The future plans include expansion of the gym’s infrastructure so that more people of various ages and social classes can make MMA part of their lives thanks to the Central MMA Gym.

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