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Published on 29 November 2013

On October 20, 2013 the whole world was watching long-anticipated finals of the first ever World MMA Championship held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This tremendous festival of Mixed Martial Arts emanated from the legendary Ice Palace, the venue which throughout the years has become the MMA Mecca. The most prestigious and historical MMA fights have been taking place on the premises of Ice Palace that can seat up to 13.000 spectators. The whole event was sanctioned and regulated by World MMA Association and was organized in the context of the World Combat Games (under SportAccord) that took place in beautiful Saint Petersburg in the second half of November.

The world MMA association (WMMAA) was created not so long ago in May 2012 and the legendary Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko was named the honorable president of this young organization. He also became the president of Russian MMA Union – the first public organization, which was created for MMA development in Russia, MMA promotion, organization of sport events and championships, training and preparation of athletes – members of national teams. The first achievement of Russian MMA Union is the registration of MMA as the official sport. Now the MMA Union unites more than 60 Russian regions and this number keeps growing. Since 2012 over 50 countries joined WMMAA. First and foremost the primary aim is to get MMA officially recognized by the respective governments. Within one year of existence, WMMAA held two Amateur Europe MMA Championships and also two Russia MMA Championships, which were organized by Russian MMA Union under the auspices of WMMAA. All organized championships are recognized by the leading sport organizations of the world including SportAccord. Marius Vizer, the president of this international sport organisation was in attendance at the final stage of the WMMAA World Championship.

36 countries sent their best MMA athletes to defend the honor of their respective countries. After the first day of preliminary bouts only 11 countries made it to the finals, namely Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Monaco, Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan. The media attention was unprecedented since the World Championship coincided with World Combat Games and TV, radio and fans from around the world watched closely as the best Martial Artists took on each other in order to identify who the best in the world is when it comes to the various Martial Arts disciplines presented during the Games.

The Russian national team did not disappoint its zealous fans and as a hosting nation won unofficial team championship by conquering 3 golden, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. The champions and each runner-up got certificates, cups and the belts to perpetuate their historical feat in becoming the first ever world champions and setting their countries on the MMA map. The trophies were handed by:

Fedor Emelianenko – 4-time MMA world champion, 7-time Russian combat sambo champion;

Olesya Kovalenko – honored master of sports, 21-time European and 7-time world sumo champion;
Darya Tarasova – ushu world champion, 2008 Beijing Olympic tournament winner;
Yury Avdeev – Saint Petersburg government representative, physical education and sports Committee chairman. Fedor Emelianenko praised the level of the event organization and the athletes. And that was clearly the case as eleven countries were presented at the award ceremony.

I think that absolutely everything went just great and the result in general is perfect. Russian national team did a great job, but all other teams did extremely well, too. The competition was equally impressive in all weight categories. We have the champions from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Russia.
We keep negotiating with SportAccord and a number of agreements has already been reached. We’ll keep working towards inclusion of World MMA Championship in the schedule of World Combat Games for the next time. We have 42 members in WMMAA and we get calls and inquiries every day so that number will undoubtedly grow. We open new gyms on a regular basis, we organize workshops and seminars for fighters, referees and judges thus improving and strengthening the overall quality of our sport in general and WMMAA in particular.

The complete results of 2013 World MMA Championship are as follows:

(-65,8 kg) Said Nurmagomedov (Russia, gold) defeated Roman Stakhuv (Spain, silver) by Submission (Triangle armbar) 2:37 of Round 1.

Bronze medals: Archil Taziashvili (Georgia) and Taras Gutsul (Ukraine)

(-70,3 kg) Ekhtigat Adakishiev (Azerbaijan, gold) defeated Oleg Khachaturov (Ukraine, silver) by Unanimous Decision 5:00 of Round 3.

Bronze medals: Murad Mirzabekov (Russia) and Bukalet Dinu (Romania)

(-77,1 kg) Shavkad Rakhmanov (Kazakhstan, gold) defeated Akhliddin Mirzadovlatov (Uzbekistan, silver) by Technical Knockout 1:02 of Round 2.

Bronze medals: Kamal Magomedov (Russia) and Panfilii Grigore (Moldova)

(-84 kg) Nodar Kudukhashvili (Georgia, gold) defeated Shamil Abdulaev (Russia, silver) by Unanimous Decision 5:00 of Round 3.

Bronze medals: Daniyar Babakulov (Kyrgyzstan) and Khasan Mirzamatov (Uzbekistan)

(-93 kg) Rashid Yusupov (Russia, gold) defeated Luis Pillon (Monaco, silver) by Technical Knockout 2:25 of Round 2.

Bronze medals: Massimiliano Samarco (Italy) and Viktor Bargan (Moldova)

(+93 kg) Znaur Khetagurov (Russia, gold) defeated Zaur Gadzhibabaev (Azerbaijan, silver) by Unanimous Decision 5:00 of Round 3.

Bronze medals: Antonio Morreno (Spain) and Islamdjon Azimov (Uzbekistan)


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