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MMA judge seminar by GAMMAF: report and photos

May 14 presented the world with the new reality. German MMA Federation held its first judge seminar after which the first batch of aspiring students were presented with the certificates.


Germany experiences MMA boom thanks to hard work done by WMMAA's German MMA Federation. The vast majority of the MMA clubs and teams throughout the country as well as multiple promotions, amateur and professional, signed agreement with GAMMAF to become associated by this sports authority. One of the main goals for GAMMAF is development of Mixed Martial Arts in Germany and arranging a seminar is one of the many essential steps in this very direction.


Worth being mentioned, the crowd that came to Gelsenkirchen to participate in the seminar consisted of people of both genders with various background ranging from seasoned professional MMA fighters to veteran coaches, from amateur MMA practiotioners to people with exclusive MMA fan background. Our beloved sport keeps gaining popularity and attracts attention of diverse audience.


The event was held in FightClub Gelsenkirchen which is the headquarters of the GMC promotion located in the west of the country. GAMMAF president Adrian Bacos was present in person to oversee the process.


The seminar was held by renowned veteran judge Youri Lamoureux. Canadian-born resident of Germany has vast experience when it comes to judging MMA fights in both professional as well as amateur promotions.


Mister Lamoureux held his speech in both fluent German and English making it comprehensible for everyone. The seminar was split into 4 parts and started with the theory where the rules were discussed and explained. Further on, judge appearance and code of conduct, difference between the WMMAA-sanctioned set of rules and the Unified Rules for professionals. The next part contained the exam covering the theory knowledge by participants. The third part was dedicated to practical knowledge when the particpants were asked to show the submission skills on the mats of FightClub.

The main goal was to showcase the knowledge of submissions be it a choke or a hold, a decent judge is to be able to recognize the difference between americana and kimura.

During the final and the most pleasant chapter people who succeeded in the aforementioned parts were awarded with the GAMMAF-sanctioned certificates proving the owner is a qualified judge of amateur MMA.


An excellent event in a great location by a skillful WMMAA judge in Youri Lamoureux was a perfect recipe by GAMMAF. And it was a stunning success.


Next amateur judge certification is to be held in June during West German MMA Championships in Berlin.
Stay tuned!


by Mikhail Mazur