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MMA in Spain to be governed by a legal and independent federation

Up to 35 national clubs were grouped to strengthen and months later they joined the WMMAA (World Association of Mixed Martial Arts) to be able to act as a sport.


When a sport like mixed martial arts has experienced such a big growth, it is necessary to establish it legally as they have done in other countries and as it happens with the rest of sports. In Spain, it is already being attempted, although not precisely in an easy way, or fluid by the tangled and slow existing bureaucracy.

For this process, 35 of the most important national clubs of the national panorama were grouped to make force and months later they joined the WMMAA (World Association of Mixed Martial Arts) in order to be a sport, since at the moment in the country There is no body that regulates MMA directly.

Recently, the WMMAA, together with its current president, Vadim Finkelchtein, also president of the M-1 Global company and representative of the living legend Fedor Emelianenko, has considered the possibility of uniting with the IMMAF (International Federation of Mixed Martial Arts ) and for that he was having lunch with his president, Densign White, in Amsterdam and as he has transcended, the meeting was very positive.


The IOC and the MMA

SportAccord is the body that brings together all international sports federations, based in Lausanne (Switzerland), and for MMA to be inside there can only be one worldwide; therefore, the road is the unification of all or at least of the great majority and more important. On the other hand, the entry in SportAccord would make the mixed martial arts were considered by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and who knows if later on to be one of the sports of the five rings.

Explained this, and on a smaller scale, in Spain the same is done through the wmmaaspain.org; first they join one of the international federations and, from there, being part of one of the highest authorities of this sport, it takes strength to create the Spanish Federation of MMA within the Higher Council of Sports (CSD).


Sovereign sport

Currently, the national MMA depends on the Spanish Wrestling Federation, which is not the right thing to be different sport and it is understood that it will be on a provisional basis.

All sports, regardless of their number of members, are governed by their own federation, and as examples in contact sports, both judo and boxing, and outside of them, football, basketball or even minority sports such as badminton, but after all, discipline is the one that names its corresponding federation.


The MMA professionals of the country also fight outside the cages and are now taking the appropriate steps so that the Higher Sports Council considers that mixed martial arts must be a sovereign sport and not dependent on any other, because they understand that it is It is of vital importance for its correct growth that the proper federation is created and is directed and managed by those who know the terrain better than anyone else.