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Published on 04 October 2013


From the country that basically invented Mixed Martial Arts by introducing Ancient Pancration into the Greek Olympic Games in 648 BC.

Find below the list of its young sons assigned to fight for their motherland’s glory in modern times.

-66 kg: Vasileios Karavasilis

Age: 18 y.o.

Background, Kickboxing, MMA

Length of training: 4 years

Coach: Ioannis Papaioannou

Accolades: 2012 Greek kickboxing championship junior (-18) – gold, 2013 Greek MMA Championship – bronze medal

-70 kg: Panagiotis Pageorgiou

Age: 22 y.o.

Background: MMA

Length of training: 4 years

Coach: Spiros Solomonidis

-84 kg: Panagiotis Stamoulis

Age: 21 y.o.

Background: kickboxing, grappling, MMA

Length of training: 2 years

Coach: Dimitris Dimitrou

Accolades: brown belt in kickboxing

-93 kg: Dionysios-Spyridon-Ioannis Ntozis

Age: 19 y.o.

Height: 195 cm

Background: BJJ, muay thai

Coach: Charalampos Liveris

Team: Leons MMA Academy “ZAKYNTHOS”

Accolades: 2013 Greek MMA Championship – gold

+93 kg: Georgios Katsinopoulos

Age: 33 y.o.

Height: 190 cm

Background: Karate, BJJ

Coach: Gannis Kakorakis, Pontelis Panagides

Accolades: 3-rd dan black belt in Shotokan Karate, National Team member; Purple Bell in BJJ, Muay thai red armband, Fila Grappling National Team member, World FILA Grappling Championship bronze medal, 7-time Greek grappling national championship (2004-2011), 2004 BJJ European champion, Karate Hellenic Armed Forces champion.