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Published on 09 February 2014

The best fighters of the capital region of Kazakhstan will be identified this month.

Astana MMA Championship will be held on February 15-th at the Astana Evraziysky sports arena located on the Dukenuly street, 23. The aim of this championship is to select the capital city region athletes who will proceed to participate in the championship of Kazakhstan. Eventually the national team will formed. MMA was announced an official sport by Kazakhstan ministry of sports on June 26, 2013. Just two months later, on August 25-th, the first ever Kazakhstan MMA Championship followed. Upon its completion the national team of the republic, that was named Kazakhstan MMA TOP TEAM, was formed. After that Kazakhstan national team was destined for a bright future.

World MMA Championship in Saint Petersburg, Russia – second team place World Cup Finals in Baku, Azerbaijan – second team place.

Commonwealth Cup – second team place.

The whole country is experiencing MMA boom as lots of regional amateur MMA championships are held across Kazakhstan on the verge of the upcoming national MMA championship.

Astana MMA Championship is the first official MMA championship of 2014 upon which the members of the capital’s team will be chosen. At the last year’s National Championship the best team hailed from Karaganda, Aktyubinsk and Akmolinsk regions.


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