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1st Open Amateur MMA Championship in St. Petersburg, Russia – WMMAA

Published on 19 November 2012

On November 14, 2012, the First Open European MMA Championships was held in Saint – Petersburg. This prominent event was opened by Fedor Emelianenko, the Honorary President of WMMAA. Greetings to the participants and guests of the Championship were also delivered by the President of WMMAA Vadim Finkelstein (Russia), 1-st Vice-President of WMMAA Dmitro Khrystyuk (Ukraine), Vice – President of WMMAA Fazliddin Pulatov (Uzbekistan) and other representatives of Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

Representatives from almost 30 countries took part in the Сhampionship.

Below you can see full results of the competition.

under 65.8 kg 1 place. Magomed Magomedov (Russia) 2nd place. Alikhon Hasanov (Uzbekistan) 3rd place. Valery Velikov (Bulgaria)

3rd place. Ruslan Abiltarov (Ukraine)

under 70.1 kg 1 place. Rahman Mahadzhiev (Russia) 2nd place. Ehtigat Adakishiev (Azerbaijan) 3rd place. Kamoliddin Muhidinov (Tajikistan)

3rd place. Maksim Pugachev (Republic of Belarus)

under 77 kg 1 place. Rasul Abdullaev (Russia) 2nd place. Marian Jakubik (Slovenia) 3rd place. Vitaly Dobrovolsky (Ukraine)

3rd place. Alihiddin Mirzadavlatov (Uzbekistan)

under 84 kg 1 place. Magomed Mutaev (Russia) 2nd place. Mario Dobrich (Bulgaria) 3rd place. Nikolaj Skorokhod (Moldova)

3rd place. Taleh Nadzhafadze (Azerbaijan)

under 93 kg 1 place. Magomed Ismailov (Russia) 2nd place. Dilovar Nasyrov (Tajikistan) 3rd place. Victor Bargan (Moldova)

4th place. Mingsun Ko (Korea)

over 93 kg 1 place. Mikhail Gazaev (Russia) 2nd place. Sergey Zubkov (Kazakhstan) 3rd place. Amin Ergashev (Uzbekistan)

3rd place. Zaur Gadzhibabaev (Azerbaijan)

Team Ranking

1 place. – Russia 2nd place.- Ukraine 3rd place. – Uzbekistan

3rd place. – Azerbaijan