“Yellow beard” Nova beat Lopez in a cool mahach: video


Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona, NY, USA. In the brightest supermachache in the limit of the second featherweight (up to 59 kg), a native of Puerto Rico Abraham Nova (22-1, 15 KOs) met with an average man from the USA Adam Lopez (16-4-1, 6 KOs), who almost always amuses fans tough fights.

The reconnaissance with jabs quickly ended. We have mahach in the opening round. The fighters alternately tried to work as the first number and from the opponent. Lopez acted on spurts, broke into the middle / close range. Nova is more comfortable boxing from afar.

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The American did a great job with the body, reducing the distance, solidly found the angles of attack. In the 2nd round, he scored good hits on Nove’s body. He tried to counter, but smeared a lot. Cool fight.

Lopez broke into the infighting in the 3rd three-minute period. He deceived the sweeping Puerto Rican on his feet, pushed him away with his shoulder, rewarded him with a series of blows to the body. A beautiful episode. So far, he looks better. But the opponent has the advantage in power.

Nova had a good 4th round. He has solid hand speed, lightning combinations. In the next three minutes, the fighters made an exchange. For Lopez, it ended in a fall. Until the end of the round, he frankly cycled.

NOVA DRILLS LOPEZ pic.twitter.com/mAiFS1krwO

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The American started the 5th round aggressively, but missed a short right hook. Nova filled up Lopez with a wrestling move, and the referee counted out the knockdown number 2.

The Puerto Rican let go of his opponent in vain. Lopez worked with an aggressive first number in the 8th round: he imposed an infighting fight, threw a lot of punches. Nova is clearly not ready for this. He clinches, almost doesn’t answer. There is intrigue!

Looks like Lopez can’t keep up the pace he suggested. In the 9th three-minute period, Nova caught his opponent hard on the approach twice, but did not try to finish (the Puerto Rican severely lacks the “killer instinct”).

.@AbrahamNova22 just frost him for a second pic.twitter.com/dl5LNkauqh

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Something unreal in the final round! For 3 minutes, the fighters exchanged blows non-stop. They even managed to get dirty (a low blow from Nova and a header from Lopez). The last seconds for the Puerto Rican. He will win, of course. And the fight was just amazing.


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The score of the judges: 97-91, 98-90 and 98-90 in favor of the guest.

Nova UD 10.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161842-zhyeltaya-boroda-nova-pobil-lopesa-v-krutom-makhache-video.htm?rand=141343