The boxer, whom Usyk looked up to, made a prediction for his fight with Fury


Legendary cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion Evander Holyfield believes that massive heavyweight fighters like WBC world champion Tyson Fury “deflate” when they are outgunned by smaller and faster ones like IBF/WBO/WBA champion Oleksandr Usyk.

The veteran remembered that in his time, when he moved to heavyweight in 1988, the guys there could not cope with him. Now, he believes, things are a little different, and in the heavyweight hefty men are no longer such boots as in his time.

And yet, according to Holyfield, Usyk has a good chance of success in the fight for the status of the No. 1 boxer in the 90.7 kg category.

“I remember being abroad and Usyk said, ‘I’m going to do the same thing as you. And he almost did. If he had beaten Fury, he would have done it,” Evander said.
iFL TV. Both of them are good fighters, but the smaller guy has faster hands. If the big guy doesn’t make the little guy fight like he does, Usyk will win, because that’s the reason I got promoted to heavyweight myself. I realized that I was the fastest.”

Holyfield recalled that in his time, “if a guy was too big, he was called ‘Goofy’ and that guy never performed well.”

“Like Holyfield and Bow.” Usyk-Fury Super Series Winning Coach

“Now these big guys have both rhythm and balance, just like the smaller guys. ‘Cause it’s hard [для мелких]. It became difficult because these [крупные] guys start at a young age. You know, like early education, sports are pretty much the same thing. If you start at a young age, you can become much better with age. Something like this happened with Fury, ”said the American.

The ex-absolute says that if a big guy has fast hands and good combos, he’s hard to stop.

“I had an advantage over the guys who were tall and big because they usually landed one or two punches and didn’t like to be hit. They miss and deflate dramatically,” Holyfield said of massive heavyweights like Fury.

So who is the best in history: Usyk or Holyfield? Evander argues.