Cyril Gan: “Ngannou surprised only by strength. I want revenge”

Gan announced his desire to hold a second fight with Ngannou

Former UFC heavyweight contender Cyril Gan has announced his desire to fight Francis Ngannou for a second fight.

I’m not surprised he struggled so much. It was one of his biggest chances to win, we knew it, and he took advantage of it. Pain on the leg at the end of the fight? We knew that I had improved a lot in wrestling, I could go to the ground, I could fight anywhere. But his physical strength… It didn’t surprise me, but he used it very well today. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t more active in this fight. I could do more. We knew he wouldn’t drop me in the first two rounds because my standing level is high. But he is a warrior, he fought to the end, he got a good fight.

I don’t want Francis to leave the UFC after this fight. I want a rematch. I did not pay attention to the background of this fight, what was said in the media focused only on the fight itself. I will continue to work to correct my shortcomings. Francis took me very seriously, no underestimation, his camp and team did a great job. I want to congratulate his team. What surprised him the most? Nothing surprised in the shock, in the fight. There was nothing like that in wrestling, only strength. I can only talk about his strength after such a fight. Did I count on the announcement that it could be a draw or my victory? No, I’m quite reasonable, already at the end of the battle I realized that I had lost. When am I ready to return to the cage? Tomorrow»Gan said at the post-match press conference.

Gan lost to Ngannou via unanimous decision at UFC 270. The Frenchman ended his 7-match winning streak.