Johnnie Walker promises to erase Magomed Ankalaev from history

The UFC’s No. 7-ranked bantamweight Johnny Walker is looking forward to an immediate rematch with Magomed Ankalaev, who ten days ago landed a bantamweight knee to the head in the first round and had the fight stopped and ruled a no contest.

“I’m going to face him again, God willing, as soon as possible,” the Brazilian said on another edition of The MMA Hour program. “We’re negotiating a rematch and I’m sure I’m going to send this guy to the moon. No more talking to him. I’m going to tear him up and write him out of history because he’s a dirty guy. I’m going to give him a good thrashing.”

Walker once again dwelled on the moment of rule-breaking in the first round.

“They didn’t give me time to recover. If I got hit in the groin, I would have had five minutes to recover. I get hit in the face with a knee and they don’t think I need to recover. An illegal knee strike to the head? It’s even more frustrating because the same thing happened to Aljamain Sterling and that knee made him champion. I don’t want to become champion that way, but I thought he was going to get his points taken off or disqualified because it was a banned punch. That dirty move could have done damage to my brain.”

Recall that Magomed Ankalaev is ranked number two in the UFC welterweight division rankings.