How were the negotiations between Fury and Joshua? The promoter spoke in detail


Promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing)
told in detail about the progress of negotiations regarding the organization of the fight between the best and most popular heavyweights in Britain – Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs).

Everything goes to the fact that the big guys will meet in a head-to-head fight on December 3 in Cardiff (Wales). Fury’s WBC title is on the line. It was the champion who offered Joshua the fight.

Hearn does not hide the fact that at first they did not even discuss the offer, because they believed that Fury was simply playing around or trying to use Joshua for his own purposes: “It is often done like that. For example, it could have been a ploy for (owner of all other division belts) Oleksandr Usyk. We did not rule out that in this way they are simply trying to snatch most of the prize money in negotiations with the Ukrainian. Now? Honestly? I believe them. I believe just for the reason that I really want to do this fight.

According to Hearn, “It wasn’t until we got a call from George Warren (son of Fury’s promoter Frank Warren) that we took this offer seriously. He said: “Tyson is not joking. He really wants this fight. What do you say?” I admitted that I didn’t discuss it with Joshua because we don’t believe Fury. Then Anthony gave his go-ahead, and George and I agreed to keep everything a secret. Immediately after that, Fury issued an ultimatum to the media. We made it clear that we would not accept the fight in November and suggested that in the event of a rematch, we use the same distribution of the prize fund – 60/40 in favor of the champion. George returned with the answer: no negotiations – accept the deal or there will be no fight.

“After that, I met with Joshua, gave him their terms. I immediately warned that I did not know for sure whether they were offering the fight in earnest or bluffing. Anthony replied: “I accept the offer. So we’ll find out soon.” Here are the things. My opinion? If George tells it like it is, then we’ll make a deal. But this is Fury. You can never be 100% sure with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if it all started as some kind of bluff, which later turned into a real fight. That is, I do not rule out any option. We’ll find out soon,” Hearn says.

What does Joshua think of all this? the promoter says. — I think he thinks something like this: “I always dreamed of fighting Fury. I signed a contract with him (before Deontay Wilder ordered Fury to fight him for a third fight). What if this is my only chance to get a fight with Fury? Yes , it would be better to approach him after the victory, but we have what we have. I feel good, I know that I can beat him. So, why not take the fight?” For me, it’s a win-win situation for Joshua.”

Hearn did not ignore the financial question: “The amount of the offer? Let’s just say they would have made more money in Saudi Arabia. But it’s still a lot of money. I do not even know if there are those in Britain who will not be interested in this event. Forecast on the number of sold PPV? I’m sure we’ll make more than 2 million without any problems. I do not hide that we planned a comeback on December 17th. And for now, I continue to negotiate on this date. Yes, I want to play it safe just in case.

Earlier this month, Hearn even named possible Joshua opponents for December in case the Fury fight didn’t happen. And then Luis Ortiz volunteered – he challenged both.