Battle of the Unbeaten: Hitchins declassed Bausa – video


Madison Square Garden Theatre, New York, USA. In a steep prospect-clash, two unbeaten American super lightweights (up to 63.5 kg) met: Richardson Hitchins (16-0, 7 KOs) declassed John Bausa (17-1, 7 KOs).

In the starting round, the referee counted out a controversial knockdown to Bause. In fact, he just lost his balance when he tried to get close to his opponent. But since he missed the jab seconds earlier, the third in the ring made this decision.

A native of Puerto Rico, left-hander Bause was a priori very uncomfortable with Hitchins, because he prefers a power confrontation at a medium distance, and his opponent is a tough, hitting and technical counter-fighter. Bausa scored one solid attack in the 2nd round, but the rest of the three-minute period he was completely outplayed by his opponent.

In the 3rd round, Hitchins smashed his opponent’s nose. He looks great: snap jab, fast hands, phenomenal timing, solid footwork. Bause has to take risks, but his attacks are too readable and very lacking in head movement – an easy target for the favorite.

In the 4th three-minute Hitchins dropped Baus with a two. He practically closed his right eye. How good is Richardson? It is not clear how Floyd Mayweather let this pepper go from him to Eddie Hearn …

Bauza down in the fourth! @DAZNBoxing #HitchinsBauza #SerranoCruz

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The underdog is a fine fellow, he is not going to capitulate. I tried to confuse the favorite with the angles of attack, cunningly butted his head in clinches, several times countered well with his left. At the start of the 6th round, he ran into a right cross. He was slightly shaken, the work of his legs disappeared, he picked up heavy blows. The jab and twos of Hitchins are some kind of cosmos.

In the 7th round, Bausa slowed down. The fight turned into a one-sided beating. The referee is getting closer to the underdog. He can stop the fight at any moment, after the end of the three-minute period he went to the corner of the underdog. Apparently, he offered to remove the fighter from the fight. They think everything is fine with John. But it’s not.

Hitchins is on his game… wow!

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— DAZN Boxing (@DAZNBoxing) February 5, 2023

It is not clear how Bausa survived all these blows from Hitchins. But he heard the final gong. It is unlikely that the judges will give him at least one round. This is true. Three times 100-88. A very powerful performance.

Hitchins UD 10.