Amosov returned by beating Storley. Defended Irpin, now defended the title


Fight from Yaroslav – gorgeous

Yaroslav Amosov (27-0) defeated Logan Storley (14-2) in a comeback bout. In 2022, the Ukrainian was supposed to defend the Bellator title against Michael Page, but went to defend his native Irpin from Russian murderers and rapists.

Amosov approached the battle after the extremely difficult months of the war. Storley – after defeating Page

Yaroslav Amosov returned after more than a year’s break. The last time the Ukrainian boxed was in the summer of 2021. Then he fought for the title of champion of the Bellator promotion against the Brazilian Douglas Lima (32-11). Lima is an important fighter for the promotion and almost a legend. He boxed in the tournament for more than ten years, won the Grand Prix three times and confidently held the belt.

But Amosov won quietly. In addition to a dangerous moment in the fifth round, when for a second it seemed that Lima was about to catch an opponent in a painful hold, there were no other reasons for worrying. Lima did not pull his opponent in the standing position – he looked good, but not enough. And in the stalls, too, failed.

But the fight before that for Amosov was not easy. The challenger matchup against the then undefeated Logan Storley was tough. And in the rack, the American fell, and was uncomfortable. And in the fight gave the answer to the opponent. And in the third round, he almost strangled his opponent. Then the Ukrainian also got out, although everyone was worried.

After two important victories, Amosov had to close the issue with the third loud rival – Briton Michael Page. Paige fights quite averagely, but in the strike he is bright and powerful. And in general, perhaps the most famous Bellator fighter because of his conversations and sometimes really powerful knockouts. The contract was signed, Amosov was obliged to defend the belt and even went through the camp. A few days before the start of the war, Yaroslav returned to Ukraine for the final stage of preparation, but left to prepare for another defense – the state from real enemies.

Amosov, as a man born in Irpen, could not leave his native city. He took his family to a safer place, returned and began to help. Yaroslav did not fight immediately – the real fighting for him, according to him, began about a month after the start of a full-scale invasion, but he worked a lot. They helped people, evacuated the population and buried the dead.

“To the left and to the right one could see the bodies of ordinary civilians: grandmothers, children, wives, husbands. And they lay there for weeks. Russian soldiers did not allow their relatives to take and bury the remains. The bodies just lay there and rotted.

It makes you wonder what kind of person would do that? What kind of soldier would carry out such orders? What kind of person would give such orders? Kill innocent civilians in their own country?

Many times we buried people with entire families and did not even know who they were. They just put the name and date of death on the plate, hoping that later someone would be able to identify them, ”said Amosov.

So getting back to training was not easy. After the de-occupation of the Kyiv region, the brothers thanked Yaroslav, but advised him to go to defend the belt – informationally, Ukraine needed no less work, because all this is the components of obtaining weapons and helping Ukrainians. Amosov understood things that, even after a year of full-scale war, did not reach some other Ukrainian fighters. He left to prepare, train, and before the fight he devoted all his time to Ukraine. He spoke about the war, about the people, and about the need for help whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Storley approached the title and rematch just through Page. When it became clear that Amosov would not come, Bellator organized an interim title fight between Michael and Logan. The American won by a split decision, although it looked somewhat controversial. Given everything that has happened to the athletes during this time, this confrontation is actually new. Because they are completely different people. In any case, Amosov is so accurate.

Yaroslav left no chance for his opponent. Dominated every round

An incredible fight from a Ukrainian. Probably the best in his career and, it seems, the brightest. Everything was clear and precise here: the plan for the fight, its execution and the opponent’s reaction to the actions of the Ukrainian.

It’s hard to remember an episode that Storley would have taken out. In the first confrontation, the fight was so close that right before the decision of the judges, many were worried about the Ukrainian. Logan fought well, was the initiator of these actions and looked good on the stand. This time it was different.

Firstly, the American tried to play the game suggested by the Ukrainian – to fight him in the standing position. A more powerful, faster and more active Amosov simply crushed this opponent’s idea. Quantity and quality, he completely outboxed the opponent. He worked better with his feet, smashed his opponent’s legs and hit him in the torso. Even aimed at the head.

Storley couldn’t answer. His hands did not hit so powerfully and often. Feet almost did not work. Also, one of the legs suffered from the constant blows of the opponent, so if Logan wanted to, he could not.

It was also not possible to break into a fight. Amosov did not let him fight, and if he went into the clinch or stalls, he controlled everything himself. In fact, Yaroslav simply ate his opponent. Motivation, plan and incredible readiness for anything. Great fight.

50-45 gave each of the judges to the Ukrainian. Winning by unanimous decision of the judges and the actual destruction of one of the best fighters in the division. This is the kind of return we’ve been waiting for.

What or who is next?

Looks like Michael Page (20-2). Or Gyoto Yamauchi (20-5). They will box in the spring, and since Paige is number three (he was right behind Storley), the winner will logically claim the Ukrainian champion.

It’s more profitable to fight Paige. He is more popular, mediocre in wrestling, but very, very good in the stance. It will be interesting, and there is a story – it was against him that Amosov should have defended himself, if not for the war. Plus, the dimensions – Michael is ten centimeters taller than his opponent.

But this is only on the condition that he will deal with the Japanese. And this is somewhere in the beginning of autumn. Now Yaroslav needs to recover and, possibly, return home. Such fighters from Ukraine have more responsibilities than others.