Adesanya knocked out again. Pereira is an unfinished business for Israel


And not the fact that someday he will be able to solve it

Israel Adesanya (23-2) lost the UFC Middleweight Championship to Alex Pereira (7-1). The score of the trilogy is now 3-0 in favor of the Brazilian, and this is a total defeat, considering that two defeats came to Adesanya after the same blow, and even by knockout.

No one else has ever knocked out Israel until now. Even the big guy Jan Blachowicz. And Pereira did not even come up with anything new to defeat the Cameroonian.

Adesanya was considered the favorite, and for good reason – he boxed well. And Pereira just did what he had to.

Before the third fight, Israel Adesanya was considered the favorite by an average of 1.5 to 2.5. Not devastating, but reasonable. So, at least it seemed. The Cameroonian lost the first two meetings with Pereira. The first is by the decision of the judges. Pretty close, perhaps debatable, although here’s how to look. The second is by knockout. There, Israel already won for sure, while Pereira received and was close to an early defeat. And then he overwhelmed a technical opponent with a left hook.

Still, Adesanya’s favoritism before the rematch is logical. He is younger, versatile, and even more experienced in MMA. Whatever one may say, more than three years of championship in the UFC, victories over all the tops and fairly confident domination over them. In the other corner – yes, his winner. But a two-year-old athlete who was quickly brought to the title in order to arrange a high-profile fight and who didn’t really beat anyone in the UFC, although all the victories were bright.

The most interesting thing is that in the octagon Adesanya began to confirm his status from the first round. Calmly, methodically smashed the opponent from a distance, did not let him get closer and slowed down the pace of attacks. After about a minute, Pereira realized that it would be difficult to get close just like that, and began to twitch a little. The opponent’s low kicks were annoying, direct blows brought discomfort. It seems to be not scary, but you can’t catch the pace.

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The final round is great. Literally a few seconds before the end, Israel deceived his opponent and threw him a right straight through his arm – exactly in the ear. The Brazilian was led, and in addition, he also took over the left hook. Top round from the champion.

In the second, Pereira began to act more actively. More jab, more pressure. Adesanya did not try to somehow get to the fight, so in positional attacks, Alex, having dominance in activity, looked better. He was more accurate, and just constantly was on the opponent.

The Brazilian got a great jab and constantly tried to hit with his left hook. The first one worked, the second one didn’t. It seemed that Israel was somewhat flirting with such a dangerous opponent at a distance convenient for him, but as long as it worked, there were no complaints.

In the third round, the struggle suddenly began. Literal, not positional. Pereira decided to get closer, a clinch ensued. Several movements – rivals are already on the floor.

There was no point in doubting Israel’s skills here. He defends well on the ground. Attacks are also good, although, of course, it is difficult to measure this on Pereira. Alex somehow defended himself, but got enough from all sides. Israel tried to overcome the opponent, but failed. It is not surprising when the counterpart is so great.

By the way, this is a very important factor. The Brazilian was much larger than the opponent, who is usually at least as large as the opponent. And this is not the pumped mass of Paolo Costa. These are dry muscles that generate dangerous blows from all sides. Plus, it’s not easy to fight against such a giant, so it didn’t work out to get a choke hold, but it’s quite possible to take the round.

Like the fourth one. The champion was not strong, but still better. More precise, faster again. I almost got a hook, I almost got caught when I didn’t get it with a low kick and I had to run away literally somersault.

The fifth seemed decisive, but not easy for the Brazilian. Only bulk and many blows. But he just went forward a little more actively, started hitting a little more and got the result. Pereira didn’t change his plan, just wasn’t tired enough to slow down. Not even the struggle wore him down. He systematically got to the opponent, squeezed him near the cage, he again began to defend himself exclusively with the body, for which he received – a knockout with the left side. Documented – technical knockout.

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“Sorry for the trash talk on my end this time, but I needed to get in this guy’s head to get this fight.

The fight was tough, but I had tough fights every day in training. I was ready for it. Everyone who said that I have little experience, that I am not yet worthy of a championship fight, look what I did.

I went through five rounds without any problems. Give me the next opponent,” said Pereira after the victory.

What’s next?

For Alex – anything and anyone. In fact, Adesanya is the first top UFC he has faced. Strickland still falls short. There are enough opponents, and everyone will be fun, because Pereira is still fun. Whittaker, Costa, anyone. These are all exciting fights.

Israel needs to go back. The likelihood of their revenge is now low. Perhaps it is very unpleasant to lose like this – when you win, but it flies. However, we all knew about this lateral, and Adesanya knew about it best of all. And overslept again.

The Cameroonian can return and become champion again. According to the theory of probability, someday the time must come when Israel will not oversleep that side, but will simply finish what he starts in each duel. But for now, return. Falling stocks need to be returned to previous indicators.

That’s the only way to get revenge.