Wilder offered to abandon doping testing, argued the position


Former WBC champion American heavyweight Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs) suddenly proposed to abandon doping testing in boxing.

Knockout deftly
argued your position. Yes, this is just a beautiful hype: “Well, for example, in order to enter the ring against me, a fighter needs additional help. And I’m definitely not talking about training or some cool plan for a fight. I’m talking about injections. You all believe that they will help you, right? Let’s be honest: doping in sports was, is and will be. It won’t disappear anywhere.”

According to Wilder, using steroids fighters simply show their mental weakness: “What is the point of the idea of ​​refusing doping testing? Firstly, this way we will close this issue forever, it will simply disappear. Secondly, we will no longer need to pay out of pocket for VADA services. Third, ask a simple question. Why do fighters use steroids? Yes, simply because they are not sure of themselves. Because they are afraid. If they weren’t afraid, they wouldn’t do it. Here I am not afraid. And that’s why I don’t need them.”

Wilder once again hinted that he lost the championship title to Tyson Fury in a not very fair fight: “I will knock out anyone. And I don’t need steroids for that. I don’t need extra benefits – no injections, no forbidden gloves, no tricks hidden in the ass.

The other day, Wilder told who impressed him the most in sparring, and a little earlier he shared a ridiculous prediction for the Usyk vs Fury fight.