“Wilder is from what planet?” Hearn doesn’t understand how


British top promoter Eddie Hearn is perplexed by the latest comments from American ex-world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) about himself.

Not so long ago, Hearn revealed that he made an extremely generous offer to Wilder’s manager, Shelley Finkel, to host the fight between Deontay and Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs). Moreover, Joshua at that time had not yet had a rematch with Alexander Usyk.

After Anthony lost to Usyk, Wilder speculated that Hearn had approached him simply for “insurance” purposes. Deontay later stated that Hearn’s attempt to make a deal with him prior to Joshua’s fight with Usyk showed that he was unsure of Anthony’s ability to beat Alexander.

Eddie does not understand the nature of Wilder’s indifference, who did not even ask Finkel about the amount of the offered reward.

“I just said that I sent a letter to Shelley Finkel, where I indicated that I have a huge offer for Deontay Wilder, would he like to discuss it? But there was no response,” says Hearn.

“I just don’t accept it. Maybe Deontay just can’t stomach me and says: “I don’t care how much this guy offers me money, I just don’t care.” But did he even know about this letter to Finkel? What planet are you from if you don’t even ask what kind of proposal this is? — does not understand the British functionary.

Note that on the eve of Finkel, nevertheless, he publicly responded to the proposal of his colleague.

Recall that on October 15, Wilder is scheduled to comeback in a fight against Robert Helenius, who puts everything at stake in this fight.