Wilder didn’t hit the hardest, Peter hit harder – Harrison


The 2000 Olympic heavyweight champion, who failed to realize himself as a professional, Briton Audley Harrison lost more than once by knockout. In particular, this is how his last fight in his career ended, when in 2013 he was already stopped in the first round by the future world champion Deontay Wilder.

However, it is not Wilder who is the owner of the most powerful blow that Harrison has ever had to miss.

“I’ve always said that the strongest puncher I’ve ever faced in my career was Samuel Peter. I fought him at the pre-Olympic tournament in a protective helmet, he hit me on the top of the head, and the shock wave went through my entire body, Audley recalls, clearly without pleasure. “With David Price and Michael Sprott, I just passed out when they knocked me out. When you lose consciousness in this way, then you have nothing special to evaluate. Then I woke up and wanted to fight again, but my corner said: “Audley, calm down, the fight has already ended 30 seconds.”

“Wilder? He hit me and then he hit me with a hundred more hits. Everything was just a blur there,” Harrison said. – With Peter, it seems that only a protective helmet saved me from a knockout. But I know for sure that it was the most powerful blow in my career.”

Fury’s father recently said that Wilder had a crack in his skull, Tyson could kill him.