Why did Davis appear in public in a wheelchair? Champion Explained


At the weekend, the WBA World lightweight champion American puncher Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) shocked fans by appearing in public in a wheelchair – visited Super Bowl (decisive game in American football for the title of NFL champion).

There were rumors that the fighter was worried about an injured ankle. Davis
commented is: “Nothing like that. Everything is fine with my ankle. They just didn’t get it, they didn’t get it. Why was I in a wheelchair then? I’m just tired. Tired of walking. I hate walking. It’s easier for me to run than to walk.”

Davis’ team continues negotiations with popular compatriot Ryan Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) – they plan to fight in a contractual weight on April 15 in Las Vegas (USA). The lack of an official announcement is starting to worry, because any PPV event needs maximum promotion.

But that’s not all. Davis has problems with the law: before a possible prison – about 50 days. The other day, Ward and Valdez disagreed over his fight with Garcia. And last week, the fighters seemed to have solved the main problem of negotiations – with the point of revenge.