Upset from Germany – tried a hopeless 50-year-old journiman


Stadthalle, Rostock, Germany. As part of the show, several fights took place in the heavyweight limit (over 90.7 kg).

Local prospect Peter Kadiru (14-0, 7 KOs) beat an age-old compatriot
Typhoon Kurta (2-1, 2 KOs).

After the traditional reconnaissance in the opening round, things got more fun. Already in the 2nd round, the referee penalized the underdog that butted his head. Kadiru turned up the density of the duel and soon forced the opponent to capitulate.

Kadir TKO 4.

Also, as part of the show, the local big man celebrated his 8th early victory
Felix Langberg (8-0, 8 KOs). He beat a compatriot
Dominica Fiala (8-3, 7 KOs).

Lewandowski TKO 2.

And here is the local heavyweight
Christian Lewandowski (12-4, 10 KOs) so powerfully screwed up – managed to concede to a hopeless 50-year-old native of Turkey
Engin Solmaz (8-57-3, 6 KOs).

Solmaz twice visited the fifth point and was about to capitulate – he complained about a leg injury. But suddenly dropped the favorite. After the second fall, a towel flew from Lewandowski’s corner. Fiction! It all happened in two rounds.

Solmaz TKO 2.

DoubleTree Hotel, Ontario, California, USA. In the main event of the evening in the bantamweight limit (up to 53.5 kg), the Americans agreed Saul Sanchez (18-2, 11 KOs) and Eros Correa (12-1, 8 KOs).

The fight turned out bright and competitive. The start of the fight was better for the aggressor – the favorite Sanchez. But towards the equator he got tired and slowed down. In the end, Correa seized the initiative. The judges were divided: Sanchez 96-94 to 98-92 and 97-93 in favor of Correa.

Correa SD 10.

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