UFC profits for last year totaled a record amount

According to a financial report from TKO Group Holdings, which combines the UFC and WWE, the company’s mixed martial arts profits last year totaled $1.3 billion, a 13 percent increase over 2022’s profits.

The UFC’s record revenues are attributed to a significant increase in the number of events held and the number of sponsors that have signed agreements with the organization. Specifically, the world’s strongest league earned $282.8 million during the fourth quarter, up from $271.7 million during the same period in 2022.

Most of the $870.6 million in revenue came from a broadcast deal with ESPN, with sponsors paying the UFC another $196 million. The organization generated $168 million from ticket sales, holding 43 tournaments in 2023.

Experts believe that once the deal between the UFC and ESPN expires in 2025, the league can expect to double its profits from the sale of broadcast rights to its content.

However, not all of the UFC’s financial prospects this year look rosy. In particular, a class action antitrust lawsuit against the organization filed by several former fighters seeking damages ranging from $894 million to $1.6 billion is set to begin in April.