UFC champion Sean Strickland explained why he drives an old car

Reigning UFC middleweight champion, Sean Strickland, has explained why he prefers to drive his old Hyundai Accent instead of buying himself a new status car.

“The reason why I drive a de**** Hundai is because I’m a cheapskate, a big miser,” the American said in a video posted on his Youtube channel. “The world around us makes us inadequate, from what we wear to what we drive. We are born living in the damn commercials. As a small child, you watch TV with Audi and Mercedes commercials running. When you give a child a phone, they start being brainwashed.”

“I love America more than anything, but I don’t recognize the world we live in. We’re creating a generation of boys who judge each other by what they wear and what they drive. I want no part of that. To me, the value of a man is how he behaves, what kind of father he is. And I think it’s a disgrace that we’re allowing corporations to come into our country and destroy the idea of what a good man is”

“So while I’m a champion, I say to you all – enjoy your old flip flops, drive your old Honda Civic with pleasure. Just enjoy this de***ing thing.”

In a recent interview, the American revealed that his biggest purchase as champion was a boat with a trailer, for which he shelled out five hundred dollars.

On September 9 at UFC 293 in Sydney, Sean Strickland shocked the mixed martial arts world by winning in dominant fashion by unanimous decision over Israel Adesanya to become the new UFC middleweight champion.