Tyson got high and supported the murders of Ukrainians by Russia with an analogy about birds: video


Legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson shared a convoluted take on Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the genocide of the Ukrainian people, and Moscow’s attempt to destroy the statehood of a neighboring country. He uttered it while smoking “magic tobacco” with radio host Alex Jones.

He asked about Tyson’s opinion on the “Russian situation”, although we are talking about the war against Ukraine and the largest military operations in Europe since World War II.

Tyson responded unoriginally in the spirit that the hucksters are to blame for everything: “I think it started as a war for money, and many of us in different countries became involved in a purely human way, because it became a war for humanity.”

“Russia is really losing in the eyes of the people. This, so to speak, is even worse than getting a nuclear bomb, says the former boxer. “At least when you’re dead, you don’t care anymore.”


Further, the host suggested Tyson for the role of mediator in negotiations between Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian dictator Putin.

“You know… I look at it in a way that a lot of people probably won’t like. When sometimes I see a hawk that has caught … not a dove, but, let’s say, a robin, I can prevent it from killing this bird. But if I do that, he himself will die, his chick will also die. So who am I saving? How right will I be? Someone is going to die anyway,” Mike said.

Tyson lit a cigarette and lost in arm wrestling – the rapper defeated the legend

He concluded that “everything that happens is ordained by God.”

We will refrain from commenting. Stephen King
caught everything is much thinner.

We remind you that the Kyiv heavyweight Sirenko is selling the championship belt: he will give the money to Vyacheslav Yalov.

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