Tyson Fury’s trainer wants to train Bieber, recalled Steward and Eminem


Coach Sugar Hill gained fame recently – the nephew of the legendary coach Emanuel Steward helped British heavyweight Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) return to the top of the division.

Hill claims that he is ready to train not only current and potential champions, but even celebrities. He will readily take on the training of a pop star Justin Bieberwho is threatened with a fight with a colleague Liam Payne from boy band One Direction.

Hill even remembered Steward, when he answered the question about his readiness to take on Bieber: “Yes, no problem. Why not? Emanuel, for example, coached Eminem. So I don’t see the difference. My job is to teach. And it doesn’t matter who the students are. I like to teach, I get high from it. And I’m ready to do more than just teach Bieber how to box. Ready to teach him how to knock out opponents in the ring.

The mentor suggests that Bieber is not afraid of the old school The Kronk hall: “Why do I believe that this guy is ready to plow? I think musicians also work hard to get popular. That is, they are all a priori plowmen. As for me, there is not much difference where and how to plow. He’s been doing this all his life.”

Hill is even willing to put Bieber in sparring with champions. Maybe even with Fury: “I’m not sure about Tyson, but I have other champions. And from sparring with champions and training next to them, he will definitely learn a lot. Everyone went through this – beginners were tested on champions. It’s not about getting beaten up. The point is to teach them something.”

Payne challenged Bieber the other day, although he says he’s such a fan of boxing that he’s ready to fight anyone. It is possible that he remembered Justin, since he played a boxer in one of his songs.

Beware, the following is cloyingly sweet content:

Meanwhile, Tyson Fury bought luxury cars and made a career announcement. The legendary Larry Holmes does not believe him: He will return, it is in his blood.

And here is how Eminem recalled working with Steward: “Boxing is fucking hard. I wasted my fucking time just learning the basics. At first I sparred with the children, and then the boxers went. They beat my ass up like that, and I just tried not to give up. And then one day Emanuel offered me sparring. I didn’t know who was opposite, because the dude was already wearing a helmet. We ran back three rounds and he just fucked me. I’m not sure I got even one hit to the target. Just fucked me up there. After sparring, he takes off his helmet, and then I f**k, “Boy, how old are you?” And he answers me: “I’m 14.” I immediately said to the Steward: “That’s it! I’m f**king! I’ve had enough of boxing!”

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