Top Rank prospects raised the level of opposition: what came of it


Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA. An entertaining match took place in the limit of the second featherweight (up to 59 kg): Puerto Rican prospect Henry LeBron (17-0, 10 KOs) beat the middle peasant from the USA Andy Vences (23-4-1, 12 KOs).

Left-hander LeBron constantly disturbed his opponent with left hooks, shook him in the 2nd round. Wences tried to push, box aggressively, start a street fight. His problem is that he often stagnated in front of his opponent, prepared attacks for a long time, was critically inferior in speed, forgot about the jab, practically did not defend himself with dives and slips, as well as head movements. Both earned by early dissection.

Slightly better, Venses succeeded in the 3rd round – several blows to the body took place. But he is still very open to left counter hooks (and direct hooks), and they are very dangerous. In the second half of the fight, the underdog began to cheat – he often punched below the waist. The referee, perhaps, should have stopped it harder.

In the decisive round, LeBron tried to stop Wences. He missed everything that flew in his direction, was close to an early defeat, but recovered and even ended the battle in the attack. Where were you before?

Judges score: 78-74, 79-73 and 80-72 in favor of the prospect.

Lebron UD 8.

An interesting prospect, but Wences did everything to make LeBron look good.

In the featherweight limit (up to 57.2 kg) local prospect
Bruce Carrington (5-0, 3 KOs) beat travelerman
Jose Archel (9-5, 3 KOs) from Chile.

In the 2nd round, the underdog hit the favorite after the referee stopped the fight. Carrington started up, solidly increased the density of the battle, forced Arkhel to clinch, hide in the clinch.

Puncher Carrington relied too much on striking power, practically did not try to combine, open the opponent’s defense, for which he received a scolding from coach Kay Koroma. And “Shu-shu” missed a few optional left hooks, but was remembered for excellent uppercuts (and from both hands). The prospect practically spent the second half of the fight with one hand – he injured his right wrist.

Score: three times 60-54 in favor of a local fighter.

Carrington UD 6.

The prospect has a very solid press – he is considered a top talent by Top Rank, he is praised for his fighting IQ and what looks like an experienced veteran in the pros.

19-year-old American welterweight (up to 66.7 kg)
Jahai Tucker (9-0, 5 KOs) beautifully passed the American-Mexican
Jose Luis Sanchez (11-3-1, 4 KOs).

The underdog began to work as an aggressive first number, often hitting the body. Tucker was ready to work from the opponent: he defended well, intercepted, countered, worked great on his feet, amused him with lightning-fast combinations and gorgeous hand speed.

In the second half of the fight, the favorite began to play for the camera: he defended beautifully at the ropes, countered well with body shots, he was remembered for his solid defense and a good arsenal of punches.

Of the vulnerabilities of Tucker: he keeps his front hand low, vulnerable to right counterhooks and overhands.

The score of the judges: 80-72, 80-72 and 79-73 in favor of the favorite.

Tucker UD 8.

Very solid for a 19 year old guy.