Tony Ferguson has spoken out about ending his career

Former UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson, who has suffered seven straight losses, has responded to a question about whether he plans to end his professional fighting career at this point.

“I’m already in the Hall of Fame,” the 40-year-old American said on another edition of the JAXXON podcast. “It’s clear to everybody, and you know what? I’m not retiring. Every time I get hurt, I come back with a thirst for revenge because the only person who can decide what to do is ourselves. No one should tell us what we should do. I will fight until the wheels fall off. N**** resign!”

Tony Ferguson last stepped into the octagon last December, losing by unanimous decision to British prospect Paddy Pimblett after three rounds, and “El Cucuy” recorded his last victory in June 2019, winning by technical knockout over Donald Cerrone, who was not released by his doctor for the third round due to a swollen eye.

In December 2022, the American was removed from the UFC lightweight rankings, which he had not left for nearly eight years.