Tony Bellew has decided on the “fighter of the year” and “knockout of the year”


Former world champion and current boxing columnist Tony Bellew is gradually summing up the results of the outgoing year – he named his favorites in the nominations “fighter of the year” and “knockout of the year”.

Fighter of the Year: But who could it be other than Dmitry Bivol? I always knew he was a great fighter. But his performance this year took Dmitry to a new level. In May, Bivol started with a fight against the brilliant Canelo Alvarez. Not just won. And he did it in such a way that from the outside his victory seemed something simple and ordinary. And then, no less confidently, he passed the mandatory challenger Gilberto Ramirez. And not just a contender, but a fighter who is definitely in the top of the division. He’s not just my pick for Fighter of the Year. I’m sure this is the most obvious candidate for victory.

Knockout of the Year: This year I saw a fighter become a star with just one punch. Of course, I’m talking about how Joe Cordina knocked out Kenichi Ogawa and took the world title from him. It seemed like a very difficult fight. After all, Ogawa had experience, a reputation. And Kordina had no opponents of this level before. Already in the second round, it became obvious that Joe feels like a fish in water. But what happened next… How timely he threw that same punch… Bang! And that’s it – the battle is over!

Previously Bellew opens up about why he challenged David Haye. He even stated that thinking about a comeback. But there is an insurmountable obstacle.

Tony does not hide that he is delighted with Bivol: talked about his chances of becoming the first number in the P4P rating.