The toughest showman in British boxing history? No it’s not Fury


Boxing columnist Spencer Oliver considers WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) to be boxing’s greatest current British showman. Nevertheless, the “Gypsy King” is far from the “Prince” – the outrageous legend of Naseem Hamed.

“They are a bit similar. They stand out sharply against the general background, – the observer believes. “You have to give Fury credit. He knows how to entertain both in the ring and outside it. Naseem was exactly the same. Remember his charisma, his interviews, the way he promoted fights. No no. He was on another level. Fury is good, but Naseem is space. He is by far the greatest showman in this country.”

Oliver is sure that this cannot be learned: “Nasim did everything the way he wanted. There were no rules for him. Well, except for your own. And that’s how he’s been since childhood. He was incredibly gifted. He understood this. And this gave him a certain special pomposity and even, perhaps, swagger. In fact, there are very few fighters who have something like that inside. Some special aura. You look at them and you can’t figure out what makes them so special. That’s exactly what Hamed did.”

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