The Return of the King: Estrada snatched victory from Cortez – video


Hermosillo, Mexico. In the main event of the evening, the division leader, local holder of (disputed value) titles WBC franchise and The Ring Magazine the legend of the second flyweight (up to 52.2 kg) Juan Francisco Estrada (43-3, 28 KOs) snatched the victory from compatriot Archi Cortes (23-3-2, 10 KOs).

Estrada, without reconnaissance, took aim at the opponent: he jabbed hard, hit well with a left hook, passed twos. At some point, the champion allowed the underdog to show himself a little: Cortes marked himself with a couple of uppercuts and overhands, but the bet on crosses did not work – he did not have time to counter.

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In the 2nd round, the favorite pushed a little and shook Cortez twice. Then he imposed a mahach at close / medium distance, great punched through the body. Estrada’s desire to delay Cortes played against him – he picked up blows in the 4th three-minute period and was even slightly shocked shortly before the gong.

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In the 5th round, the underdog broke the champion’s nose, pinned it against the ropes, but got carried away with the attack a little – Estrada countered and seized the initiative. Unexpectedly very tough and competitive fight.

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It is possible that the decisive factor was Cortez’s lack of experience in long-distance fights. In the 7th round, he slowed down, there were much fewer thrown punches. The applicant went into survival mode, was knocked down after a missed blow to the body. With difficulty lasted until the gong.

After 8 rounds, the score of the judges: 77-74, 77-74 Estrada against 74-77 Cortes. You have to give credit to the underdog. With the help of coach Nacho, Beristain reacted very quickly to the course of the fight: he defended the liver well, well met the favorite pushing ahead with a jab and a cross, connected his legs.

The fighters completed the 12th three-minute period with a bright exchange. The score of the judges: 115-112, 115-112 and 114-113 in favor of the favorite.

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