“The fight was very competitive.” Golovkin’s press conference after Canelo’s defeat


The unified middleweight champion (up to 72.6 kg) from Kazakhstan Gennady Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KOs) gave a press conference after the end of the lost fight to the undisputed second middleweight champion (up to 76.2 kg) from Mexico Canelo Alvarez ( 58-2-2, 37 KOs).

Answering questions from the American media, Gennady spoke about the last fight, his performance and the whole trilogy with Alvarez. Recall that Gennady had a 12-round fight and lost the trilogy fight by unanimous decision.

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It seems like you started the fight a little slow. Why is that, and how was Canelo able to get off to a fast start at the start of the fight?

– Probably, yes, after all, there was a mistake on my part to start things a little strategically on the sly. But again, I would like to see how the battle goes, how it starts to develop. In principle, both of us easily started somehow with reconnaissance, and somehow it all dragged on. By the time it all fell apart, it was already too late.

– The two scorecards were close 115-113. What do you think about the match score? Before the notes were announced, did you expect the fight to be this close on the cards?

– I, probably, have no right to speak for refereeing, whether I thought or did not think. I didn’t think about judging, I just did my job. If the judges made such a decision, then this is their view of it all.

– After the eighth round, it seems that you pretty easy were able to hit Canelo. Was it a strategy and can you explain to us what you planned to do before the fight?

There was only one plan. The plan was to win. Not that it’s all about strategy. It just started too late. Well, as if I felt, in principle, very good. These are all the small blows that Canelo reported, in principle, they were not felt. He didn’t surprise me. And basically I couldn’t get it. Well let’s just say the fight was very close in all directions. The judges gave it to that side.

“So many years of animosity on both sides. You said bad things about each other, wanted to knock each other out and 2 seconds after the fight ended, you wrapped each other in a hug. Everything is gone, it seems that you are friends again. I would like you to explain to us how it happened that you had such a feud, and then all of a sudden everything is OK?

Well, I’ll speak for myself. I always said that I did not feel that hostility. How would he translate this into a personal one. I always told him – if you have something personal, why are you waiting? And at that moment, when the fight ended, looking into each other’s eyes, he had no complaints against me, I had no complaints against him. That is, we hugged, mutually congratulated each other and said – a great fight. And everything somehow worked itself out. That is, this is probably the attitude when you are at a high level and understand how dangerous this sport is, and it goes like that. Let’s just say that we were both satisfied with the relationship that developed between us.

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– The first two fights were controversial. I want to know, do you feel like you actually lost that fight and Canelo was the right winner?

– Well, I will say this, at 40 I already understand much more than at 36, and I wish everyone to understand and reason sensibly at 40. That is, we all understand what kind of game it is and under what conditions. I will say this, the judges gave in that direction. That is, it is their opinion. Canelo won, for which I congratulate him.

— You didn’t answer the question, but OK.

— [смеётся]

“Watching the fight with Bivol, I know that you saw some flaws in Canelo that you could use in this fight. When you entered the ring, did you keep that in mind? Did you see vulnerabilities in it?

– In fact, yes, I wanted to drag him a little, as they say, into deep rounds and start working there already. Basically, I did it. It happened a little late, but again, I will speak for myself, I did not feel any precise strong blows on myself, I did not miss grandiosely. Look at my face. Yes, and I didn’t. I felt very good and fresh. There just wasn’t enough time.

When you come home at the age of 40, will you be happy with the fact that you are healthy, that you received again a huge fee for the fight with Canelo, are you a champion? What comes to your mind in general?

– Definitely yes, because I will say this, probably, in me this passion for boxing has not yet cooled down. At the moment I have three belts at 72.6 kg. I need to resolve my issues. But I will say, maybe a little loudly, but I felt good. If you saw, I, in principle, did not miss and was not tired. That is, I showed that there is still strength, which I am very happy about. Wherever I am, I will think about how to return and with what attitude.

– Do you plan to go back to 72.6 kg and continue your career there?

– Again, everything will depend on offers of 76.2 kg. But at the moment I have three belts at 72.6 kg. I will have to somehow solve my problems at 72.6 kg.

“Despite the defeat, what will you take from this magical night for yourself?”

– Just feel that I lost, some kind of sediment – no, absolutely. I feel great, great, full of energy, full of energy. I’m glad the fight went so clean and unmistakably simple. Again, in fact, if you look, the fight was very competitive. I even somewhere felt very good in the second half. I think even better than my opponent.

– At 76.2 kg, do you feel that Canelo is stronger, bigger or something else? Did you feel any difference?

– Not. I don’t want to belittle his victory. Yes, he won. That he looked stronger, faster – no, absolutely did not feel it. I’ll even say that, on the contrary, he somehow didn’t deliver his blows. That is, his speed, his strength in the second half … That is, he practically did not box in the first half, some kind of contact began in the second half. I mean, I didn’t feel anything. That is, he did not surprise me at 76.2 kg.

I would like to thank everyone for the excellent work. An excellent job has been done. Tonight was a wonderful evening, a great fight, I think so. Very clean, very correct fight for boxing. I think even some kind of boxing position, it is returning to its best times. So I would like to thank all the people who worked. Wonderful day today, wonderful evening. Thank you all for your work.

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