Suddenly! Haney has “bad news”


The absolute lightweight champion American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) changed his mind about moving higher – it was previously assumed that the fight against the Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) would be his last in this division.

Father/Champion Coach Bill Haney
declaredthat “the whole lightweight is now held hostage. Look at this guy. He has the key in his hand. No, don’t wait. No one is going to give up belts without a fight. No one will dump them, no one will make them ownerless. He will be the only one who does not give up all the belts, but holds defenses. We already have the second defense of all belts ahead of us. Everyone else has already abandoned the absolute. But not us!

Earlier in the team, Haney claimed that it was becoming increasingly difficult for a fighter to cope with the weight limit. The father of the champion did not mention this: “If someone claims belts, then you have to take them away from Devin. I repeat, everyone will get their chance. We won’t just give them to you. Consider that we have locked the division in a closet. Do you need belts? You know where to look for the key. So you know, at the end of 2023, only one champion will remain in lightweight. And it will be Devin again. So I have some bad news for you guys!”

Interestingly, the other day there were rumors that Haney had already abandoned the titles and the fight with Lomachenko. And the top talent of the division is sure that Devin is afraid of Stevenson, and only a name remains of the Ukrainian.