Stipe Miocic: “I will dictate my will to Jon Jones”

Stipe Miocic:

Former UFC heavyweight title holder Stipe Miocic has shared his thoughts on his upcoming fight with reigning division champion Jon Jones, who will headline UFC 295 in New York on November 11.

“I will not let him do what he wants,” the American said in an interview with Michael Bisping. “I will dictate my will to him. I’m going to do what I need to. The moment I stop doing this, I will lose. But if I do what I want, my chances of winning will far outweigh my chances of losing.”

At the same time, Miocic agrees that the greatest danger for him is the opponent’s non-standard style and his ability to surprise with unexpected moves.

“I’m not like that. You could say I’m a classic son of a **** – one-two, two, one-two, kick. I act simply, and he is dangerous everywhere. He does things you don’t expect, so I have to be well prepared in every aspect.”

According to the former UFC champion, despite the official announcement of the fight, he has not changed his lifestyle and is still on duty in the Cleveland fire brigade.

“I do everything I have to – I have not changed anything. I still work at the fire station. I don’t spar every day. Everything is going as usual – preparation, rest. I don’t understand some people who think I have to turn everything upside down.”

Separately, Miocic noted that he plans not only to defeat the current champion, but is also going to do it ahead of schedule.

“John was named “Fighter of the Year”, which is cool, but unfortunately for him, a lot will change. I will walk out of the octagon with a belt around my waist, there is no doubt about that. I’m going to surpass him in every aspect and finish.”