Sergei Kharitonov warned Sergei Pavlovich

Sergei Kharitonov warned Sergei Pavlovich

The famous Russian heavyweight Sergey Kharitonov does not share the general enthusiasm about the early victory of Sergey Pavlovich over Curtis Blades, and believes that his namesake and compatriot is not yet ready to compete with the current UFC heavyweight champion, Jon Jones.

“Serge, as always, came out, and with his physics, his health, he swept away Blades,” Kharitonov said in an interview with the channel “Ushatayka”. “Blades came out burned out – he retreated, did not move forward at all, only fought back. The fight hasn’t started yet, and he’s already lost.”

“Of course, I will root for Sergey if there is his fight with Jon Jones, but crushing the opponent will not work against Jon Jones. Jon Jones will outsmart, wait out, and I think that he will even knock out Seryoga “

“It’s just that for all these fights, I didn’t see progress and super growth in Seryoga. I see that he plows, I see that he believed in himself, and this is very important, but today’s Jon Jones cannot be crushed so easily. This is the only one who will outsmart, endure, deceive, pull away. And Sergey scored physically, but technically I don’t see him changing in any way. ”

Recall that last weekend Sergei Pavlovich won the UFC for the sixth time in a row by knockout in the first round, becoming the main candidate for a fight with the winner of the title match between Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic, which is scheduled for November.