Roy Jones reacted to Klitschko’s accusations; well, sort of like – video


The legendary multi-champion Roy Jones (66-9, 47 KOs) from the USA, who at the end of his career went to earn a day in the Russian Federation and received citizenship there, visited the International Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota (USA) on June 12, where he got this year along with several other tough fighters. His joy was somewhat spoiled yesterday by the Ukrainian heavyweight, also the legendary Wladimir Klitschko, who reminded “Junior” that he had violated the laws of Ukraine several years ago by entering the occupied Crimea from the territory of Russia.

Jones, 53, hasn’t commented much publicly, other than at the after-party.

“Well… Like it or not, but what God has in mind for you, no one can stop,” Roy signed the picture, where he points to his “plaque of glory” in the IBHoF hall.

He congratulated “everyone who came here before me, who came with me and who will come here in the future, as well as everyone who gave all their best to get to Canastota.”


After the traditional parade in the town where the hall of fame is located, Roy came to a party for eminent boxers and functionaries, and gave a short speech.

In it, he showed gratitude, recalled how cool he was in the ring, and also wryly laughed off Klitschko’s accusations of supporting the Russian dictator during his war against Ukraine.

Earlier, Jones said that Usyk would easily beat Canelo Alvarez, and such a fight was not needed at all. He also gave advice to Anthony Joshua on how to beat Usyk.

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