Rafael Fiziev stood up for Peter Yan

Rafael Fiziev stood up for Peter Yan

Petr Yan’s teammate, Rafael Fiziev, commented on the unsuccessful performance of the Russian fighter, who last weekend at UFC Fight Night 221 in Las Vegas, after five rounds, lost by unanimous decision to Merab Dvalishvili.

“When I watched, I experienced so many emotions,” Ataman said in an interview with the channel Sport24. “When a close friend fights, a teammate with whom you spent a lot of time, you often see each other, communicate, eat at the same table, and you see that everything is not going according to his plan, and you know that a person went out unhealthy for a fight, of course, emotions go wild »

“I know that he had two serious injuries. Maybe someday he will talk about it himself, I will not say, but he had two serious injuries that most would not fight. He went out, tried to put on a show for everyone, didn’t want to cancel the fight because people wanted to watch it, someone came from Russia, from far away. He tried. It’s just that we won’t talk about such things, because then everyone will start wagging their tongues like a broom that ‘here, he lost, and is justified’. If he wants, he will tell about it himself.

Fiziev also responded to fans who believe that Jan has reached his maximum in the UFC, and should leave for an organization with less serious competition.

“I think he definitely shouldn’t leave the UFC. The second number lost to the third number, and everyone seems to write it off. Are you seriously? How can you write off a person in such a position? He is number two, losing to number three. Lost to the dude, who had previously moved Jose Aldo, other serious tops. Merab did a great job in this fight. Here you need to turn on the brains a little for people who say such things. ”

Recall that Rafael Fiziev will return to the octagon this weekend at UFC 286 in London, and American lightweight Justin Gaethje will become his opponent.