“Nas * Ali.” Usyk spoke about the fate of his house in Vorzel


Towards the end of the last in Kyiv
press conferences Oleksandr Usyk was asked a question by a close friend, World Championship and Olympic medalist among amateurs, undefeated lightweight Denis Berinchyk.

Berinchyk asked about the fate of the house of Alexander and his family in Vorzel near Kyiv, which soon after the invasion of the Russian horde into the territory of Ukraine was chosen by terrorists.

The wife of the Ukrainian heavyweight champion Kateryna Usik published a photo of their once cozy nest. With comments.

For example:

Oleksandr Usyk spoke about the fate of his house in Vorzel

Usyk satisfied the interest of his comrade.

“Brother, do you want to go there? I’ll let you in! Alexander began with a joke. – Removed. When the “uninvited guests” drove there, after they left, a professional group of people arrived, which checks everything for explosives, mining – for everything, everything, everything. They even walked along the walls with some kind of dispenser, measured – you never know what they anointed there. Checked – thank God.

Well, us * Ali. They broke trees, Christmas trees, what I built with the children there. But compared to what other people have lost, it’s nothing at all.

Thank God, it (the house) is standing, it was restored. The people who help me with this made repairs, washed away all the dirt that was left there. Cleaned up and put up a fence.

They wrote “VZ” on the fence there. Vladimir Zelensky. Well, I didn’t cover it up anyway (laughter in the hall). It’s just that now you can cover up the initials there, and they will say: “Are you stunned at all?” And green paint, can you imagine? Well, what do you do when the emptiness in your head.

So everything is fine, brother, restored. And most importantly, you know what? The white filling that I collected there was not touched, you bastards.

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