“Messi motivates me.” Interview with Dmitry Bivol


“Super champion” according to the WBA light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg) Russian Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) had a conversation with a journalist from a news portal from Britain.

interview Dmitry compared two of his fights that he had in 2022 – against the undisputed second middleweight champion (up to 76.2 kg) Mexican Canelo Alvarez (59-2-2, 39 KOs) and former second middleweight champion from Mexico Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs). Bivol also spoke about the athlete who motivates him, answered questions about his plans for the future and his presence at the Beterbiev-Yard fight.

You’ve had an incredible year. You beat Canelo Alvarez as an underdog and you also beat Gilberto Ramirez. Of the two, who was the biggest challenge?

“Of course, the fight against Canelo was really difficult for me. I had a lot of pressure before the fight and during the fight. But I got through it. And the fight against Ramirez was also difficult, he was uncomfortable for me, because he is left-handed. These were two different fights, but they were both difficult.

– Do you have a preference, what do you want next? Do you want all the belts? Do you want the winner of the Beterbiev-Yard fight or do you want a rematch with Canelo?

“First of all, I want more belts. And it doesn’t matter who. I just want belts. Light heavyweight or super middleweight. Whichever fight is easier to organize is the one I prefer.

Are you considering going down a division and having a rematch with Canelo for all of his titles?

“Of course, that would be enough motivation for me. But I need to think carefully, because I have not been at this weight for many years. I didn’t do this weight. But if this fight is possible – OK, let’s talk about it, let’s do it. I think I’ll be ready.

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Do you now think that you are getting the respect you deserve from the boxing world?

– Yes, of course, I feel respect from boxing fans, boxing organizations. I feel enough attention at the moment, but I need to achieve more in order to get even more respect. But now I’m happy with what I have. And it motivates me for the future – to get more attention, more respect. It motivates.

— How do you find the collaboration with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom, who have appreciated you for many years?

– To be honest, I said at the beginning of our cooperation that I respect Eddie. Because he found fights for me. I think he is one of the best promoters right now. Maybe he’s the best promoter of the past year. He should receive this award. I’m glad I’m working with Eddie.

– When you are not boxing, when you have free time, what do you do, what are your interests? Do you play any sport, how do you keep yourself active?

– When I’m not boxing, I spend a lot of time with my family. Of course, I try to spend time with my friends as well. Trying to think about my future, doing some business, trying to learn English. That’s all. I don’t have much time outside of boxing. Sometimes we play paintball, football with friends.

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What football team do you support?

To be honest, I don’t like to watch football, I like to play football. I don’t really like watching boxing, I love boxing. I like doing things. To watch a football match you need to spend 90 minutes. It’s too much. I can play 90 minutes. But I watched the World Cup, some matches. And speaking of the team that I support is Argentina, because of Messi. I can explain why. Because we have a man who has achieved everything in football. He has all the awards. He has a championship everywhere. And now he has won the World Cup. I am very glad that this is a real story. It motivates me. That’s why I support him.

You mentioned business. Do you have a vision for what you will do after boxing? Do you have plans?

— I don’t have a clear plan, but I have some ideas that I don’t want to talk about now. I’m not the kind of person who likes to talk about my plans when they’re not ready yet. Because I believe that if you have a plan, you don’t need to talk about it. You need to plan and do, and then you can talk about it when something is ready.

– Will you be present at the Beterbiev-Yarde match in London?

– I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m coming because I have to do my own training camp. I need to be ready for the end of April – May because I want to fight at that time. And I need to think about it.

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